Category: Toasts

  • A Toast to 2022!

    A Toast to 2022!

    I’m slowly easing into the new year as my brain is running rampant with plans and ideas to carry out for another year in a toast to 2022!

  • A Toast to Blogging with Chelsea

    A Toast to Blogging with Chelsea

    As I jump back in with renewed vigor, I thought it was time for a little toast to blogging with me, Chelsea by re-introducing myself.

  • Welcome, New Year!

    Welcome, New Year!

    2020 was an adventure all its own. Even putting the pandemic issues aside, my life was quite full. In such beautiful and raw extreme ways. I feel so touched by both the good and the bad. It was quite a transformative year for me. With that, I adopted an optimistic outlook which allowed me to very much cherish 2020.

  • A Toast to Refilling My Glass

    A Toast to Refilling My Glass

    Round two of motherhood is proving to be an adventure that’s keeping me rather busy. So I’m taking a pause to fill up my glass. Upon my return, I’ll be like a new lass. To wrap up this toast, I’m shouting out “Cheers! Thanks for your patience while I reset my gears!”

  • Blog Changes Coming in 2020

    Blog Changes Coming in 2020

    Lots of things are happening in 2020. Read on to get a taste of everything coming to the blog.

  • A Toast to Halloween

    A Toast to Halloween

    I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween. I felt like I really struggled with my Halloween spirit this month, but once the 31st rolled around, I was so feeling it!