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  • Dingle Pies for Samhain

    Dingle Pies for Samhain

    Actually historically served in Dingle, Ireland during Lammas (the feast of apples), I added Dingle pies to my Samhain feast to accompany the colcannon. Colcannon is usually a main dish, but I have a family full of picky eaters so I searched for a recipe that was might be a little more universal to appeal […]

  • La Mas Nhbul for Samhain

    La Mas Nhbul for Samhain

    Now considered a more common drink during “wassailing” season or during Twelfth Night, originally La Mas Nbhul or lambswool was a recipe drunk during the feast of apples (Lammas), most namely during the end of harvest time as the evenings got colder. It’s a simple drink consisting of apples, ale and spices and often consumed […]

  • Colcannon for Samhain

    Colcannon for Samhain

    Colcannon seems to be a traditional Irish recipe for all seasons. I’ve hear it used for Halloween, for St. Patrick’s Day, even for Christmas time. It seems that it just all depends on what you want it’s purpose to be! However, consistently, Colcannon seems to be a dish that is used to change or improve […]

  • Barm Brack Cake for Samhain

    Barm Brack Cake for Samhain

    This year, my Halloween focus has been all about getting in touch with my roots. Whether it be culturally, via family traditions, or for my husband’s family and culture. Maybe it’s the coming baby, maybe it’s been that vintage Halloween vibe being thrown around a lot recently or maybe it’s just because it’s been something […]