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  • Revenge of Momvira’s 13 Weeks

    Revenge of Momvira’s 13 Weeks

    Check out my maternity photoshoot for Lil’ Boo taken at the beautiful Winchester Mystery House gardens.

  • Comfortable, Cute & Expecting

    Comfortable, Cute & Expecting

    My life has been focused on our move, our coming baby and Halloween. Unfortunately, Halloween was been pushed to a back burner repeatedly as the first two become more pressing of matters when it comes to getting our old house on the market, our new house unpacked as well as finding a new hospital and […]

  • Maternity Costumes

    Maternity Costumes

    I’m here to protest painted bellies and punny pregnancy costumes. Now…don’t get me wrong, if you’re into that and cannot wait for your own opportunity to paint your belly orange and wear a shirt that reads “pumpkin smuggler”, more power to you. But I’m here to ask, why do all the maternity Halloween costumes out […]