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  • Spring Dream Weaving

    Spring Dream Weaving

    I really wanted to share this during “Be Kind to Spiders” week, but my birthday week kind of ran away with me, so I’m positng in honor of events past. I make it no secret that I have dealt with pretty bad nightmares and insomnia. I can still recall a reoccurring dream I would have […]

  • It’s Be Kind to Spiders Week

    It’s Be Kind to Spiders Week

    This special week of arachnid awareness is observed starting on the first Sunday of April every year. We’re jumping in a day late over here, but we figured it’s never to late to start celebrating when there’s a whole week to do so! This year, we’re keeping it simple and listing seven things you can […]

  • It’s National “Save a Spider Day”

    It’s National “Save a Spider Day”

    I know what you’re thinking. I got days mixed up. You’re about to tell me it’s Pi day. But guess what? It’s also Save a Spider Day. And the Smithsonian says we should celebrate! So curl up with your pizzas as the Candy Corn Thieves of Madison Manor share some simple rescue tips for aiding […]