Stage One: Caramelo’s Invitation

It is the eve of October. The afternoon air still carries the summer heat, but Autumn has managed to cast an amber filter over the world. Yellowing leaves rustle from a warm breeze as you enter the looming shadow of Madison Manor. You are just a few steps shy of the pathway that leads up to the threshold. The home’s shade offers momentary relief from the outdoor temperature. You take this time to admire the structure. Madison Manor isn’t at all what one might consider the spook house of the neighborhood; the structure is clean and in good repair, colored in white and grey tones with terracotta roof tiles; but you can see her potential in transforming into THE haunted house with the right decorations. Some tombstones in the front yard and some well placed skeletons would change the mood completely. You shake your head with a smile and refocus your thoughts to the task at hand. You glance down at the invitation you hold to be sure you have the correct address.

You take a deep breath, then complete your walk from the pathway to the door. A bright yellow envelope is tucked into the door’s handle, your name is printed clearly across it’s front. You hesitate only a moment before reaching out to grab it. The crisp tear of paper followed by a crinkle greets your ears as you remove the envelope’s contents.

A hunt for a missing candy corn…treasure? That wasn’t exactly what you were expecting, but it seems like a unique enough experience to kick off the Halloween season. This could be extremely promising. Yet at the same time, you can’t help ponder over what three spiders obsessed with candy corn might consider “treasure”.

Shaking your head, you decide not to spend too much time speculating over this. Your mind is made up on joining this search, ready to enter and greet your hosts. You return your attention to the threshold.

You examine the door and notice it is locked by an impressive numbered dial. You know you are expected company here and the letter left behind clearly states you are welcome inside. With those facts, you decide to see what you can garner from the items you’ve been given to unlock the door and continue.

After carefully scrutinizing both the letter and your invitation, you feel confident enough to attempt opening the lock.