Stage Three: Candy’s Puzzle Box

A wall swings open into a wooden staircase with a metal railing, littered in dust and abandoned cobwebs. The only direction is up. It is a short climb of only thirteen steps, the old wood creaks and moans with each footfall. The stairs open into a storage room of some kind. You might assume it was an attic, but you know you are no where near the top level of the Manor.

This room is much less decorated than the study you just recently departed. A slatted window across from the room’s entrance lets the daylight filter in, illuminating tiny dust particles your movements have kicked into the air. The room looks as though it has been abandoned for some time. Sheet-covered furniture line the walls on either side of you. The window is framed by a sheet-covered standing mirror with a large travel trunk at its feet on the left and an old secretary desk on the right. As the desk appears to be the only thing not covered in the room, you approach it.

Upon it rests a six ringed cryptex puzzle box and a third and final envelope in white, once more with your name written across it. You open what you hope is the final letter of the day.

The author of this letter does not seem to be a spider of many words and you ponder over the images depicted within it. Suddenly you recall the large trunk by the mirror. Perhaps all the items you are looking for can be found in there.

You open the trunk, surprised to discover it stuffed full with candy corn. Amongst the sweets are various trinkets. You begin to pick them out and examine them.

(Hint: Examine the objects by clicking/tapping on them.)

Having explored all of the items listed on the letter, you take the clues you found to arrange them into the word you need to unlock the cryptex.