Stage Two: Bonbon’s Album

You hear a mechanism inside shift and click as the door opens. You let yourself inside, greeted by a long dimly lit hallway. Even though windows line the hallway, the manor is much darker within than you expect. The only direction you can go is forward. The hallway leads past several doors, but there is a glow at the end of it that seems to beckon you.

The light has brought you to an unusual circular room. A bookcase is built into its rounded walls and lit with candles throughout. Books are aplenty in the room, ranging from ancient hardcovers to well-read paperbacks. Amongst the shelves are various knickknacks and trinkets, mementos from travels who’s stories you do not yet know. The in-wall bookcase is broken up in four sections, walls exposed between where three different silhouette styled paintings hang. Your eyes are lead up towards the ceiling, domed and detailed with a map of the constellations. Stars twinkle gold in the candlelight that illuminate it. However, the walls and ceiling of the room are not what call your attention.

In the center of the room is a round table accompanied by a pair of lavish upholstered armchairs. On the table is a single leather-bound album with playful lettering across it that reads “Treats ‘n’ Tricks”. Accompanying the album is an orange envelope like the one on the front door. You find your name printed across it and waste no time in opening it.

You look from the letter to the album. The letter states the door to the treat is in the tricks of the past. That must mean the album. You make yourself cozy in one of the armchairs around the table and pull the album into your lap. Armed with the riddle, you feel prepared to browse through the photo book in pursuit of answers.

(Hint: “flip” the image to read more about the Crew’s stories to reveal clues.)

Treats ‘n’ Tricks

With the clues found, you close the photo album.

You have unveiled both the location of the secret door and the password needed to unlock it while browsing the scrapbook. You direct your attention to the paintings that separate each section of the bookcase. There are three paintings to choose from and only one of them lead you closer to the treasure.

You select one of the paintings to reveal the secret door.