Mistress of the Dark

Elviras of Events Past

I adore looking over how my Elviras of events past have evolved. If I could only cosplay one costume for the rest of my life, it would be this queen of the macabre. It is challenging not to love this costume and every time I wear it, not only is it a huge hit, I’m constantly improving it.

Wearing Elvira for the First Time

Elviras of Events Past @ movie macabre party 2010
Movie Macabre Party 2010

This ambition first began during the Halloween season of 2010. With encouragement from Erick, I finally decided to pull off the epic awesomeness of the Mistress of the Dark (aside from height, I’m well equipped). First time wearing it was to my first self-hosted Halloween party dubbed “Movie Macabre”. The costume clearly needed more work. Then there was Halloween…

Elviras of Events Past @ Halloween Night 2010
Halloween night 2010

There were improvements, but still some work could be done. Especially with the feathered look in the wig’s appearance. ^^; Still, I felt sexy and awesome in her, so I decided to wear the costume for Fanime 2011.

Elviras of Events Past @ Fanime 2011. Photo courtesy of Mr. Muggles.
Fanime 2011 | Photo courtesy of Mr. Muggles

You can tell that the waves are slowly but surely dying, although still ever present.

Approval from the Queen of Halloween

The response to it was outrageous. I couldn’t believe it. And then to top it off, I ended up getting interviewed by someone doing Fanime coverage on awesome cosplays. *le gasp* You can check out that video here. This was so exciting.

Meeting the real Elvira @ Comikaze Expo 2011
Meeting the REAL Elvira @ Comikaze Expo 2011

And then I got awesome news. The REAL Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, was going to be at a new up-and-coming convention called Comikaze Expo. You can imagine that I lept at that opportunity.

And it was AMAZING!!!!! I still get the fangirl giggles over it. Not only that, but I felt my costume was amazingly received by vendors and attendees alike. Elvira loved it so much she asked me to come take a picture with her behind her table! *squee*

Elviras of Events Past @ Comikaze Expo 2011
Comikaze Expo 2011

Getting props from the vendors was very humbling. It was my first time ever walking through a convention where vendors would come out from behind their booths running after me asking for a picture. Attendees were lots of fun too. I think the most interesting request was a father wanting one with me and his baby.

Finally, my latest event came to Fanime 2012. Which, I regret to say, I have little to no photos of, especially while dressed as Elvira.

Although the photo doesn’t show it, I upgraded to a bra with amazing support and anti-cleavage reveal. I’m finally getting a grasp on the wig with it’s straightness and proper bangs, although it may be coming soon time to replace the wig. It is old and rather tangled. The next event I’m looking forward to with donning the macabre queen is Comikaze Expo 2012 yet again. Hopefully I can yet again ham it up with Elvira. It’s a dream, but it’s one I can still hope for. 😉

I think this costume is fun, especially because you can see the changes throughout the years. I hope I can continue to make it look better and better through the upcoming times. Wish me luck!

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