A Toast to the Random

A Toast to Refilling My Glass

Round two of motherhood is proving to be

An adventure that’s keeping me rather busy.

So I’m taking a pause to fill up my glass,

Upon my return, I’ll be like a new lass.

To wrap up this toast, I’m shouting out “Cheers!

Thanks for your patience while I reset my gears!”

Adjusting to life with both a newborn and a toddler is proving to be a little more of a challenge than I originally anticipated. Arachnid Astrology will still continue to post on the fourth Wednesday of each month, but don’t expect any new content on the blog until July.

Cheers! with Chelsea will be on hiatus
throughout May and June.

I’m hoping to use this time to really flesh out some ideas and directions I want to take while also re-establishing a handle on my mommy/wife/blogger life balance. I plan to return with even more Websdays, more toasts and LOTS more of Monster’s and Boo’s shenanigans.

Still want to keep up with me?

The best place to do so will be on Instagram. I will be kicking off the month of May on Instagram by participating in a spooky spring photo challenge by Kristy from Halloween Haiku in addition to keeping active on my IG stories. I look forward to having you follow along because changes are happening everywhere, it seems!

Until July…

Cheers! 🥂

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