AURORA Inspired Astrology Playlist

I found myself inspired to dig into the music archives of AURORA this February to create an Astrology inspired playlist. I rediscovered AURORA in 2019, finding a deep connection in her music. It helped make quarantine times feel infused with life. And then, I was deeply moved by her latest album, “The Gods We Can Touch”.

As a matter of fact, my zany playlist idea started to fester. Then, I started to revisit all of AURORA’s music. Soon after, I began to select songs that represent the different signs of the zodiac. Fortunately, I had my knowledge of the signs from my Arachnid Astrology collection and influenced by assorted persons in my real life. In other words, I had all I needed to make the selections. Rather quickly, the list took its own life.

Consequentially, we have entered Pisces season, the “end” of the astrological calendar. I found this to be a perfect time to share an astrology playlist!

AURORA Inspired Astrology Playlist

AURORA inspired astrology playlist
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  1. Aries – A Temporary High
  2. Taurus – Gentle Earthquakes
  3. Gemini – Apple Tree
  4. Cancer – The River
  5. Leo – Animal
  6. Virgo – Forgotten Love
  7. Libra – Queendom
  8. Scorpio – Blood in the Wine
  9. Sagittarius – Artemis
  10. Capricorn – Exhale Inhale
  11. Aquarius – Daydreamer
  12. Pisces – Black Water Lillies

How did you like my trip amongst the stars with AURORA? Is there a song you would substitute?

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