Dell Osso’ Family Farms Corn Maze 2016

I still can’t believe we ended up spending over six hours at the corn maze! We definitely made good use of our time, regardless. It was constant fun the whole time we were there. It was also Dell Osso’s 20th anniversary for their corn mazes so a very special event to be sure. 🙂

Naturally, we began with the corn mazes. I always love to discover all the clues throughout the maze, although this year, they just had them on the back of the map, so it was slightly disappointing that it was a little easier in that you technically didn’t need to do the full maze in order to complete the word puzzle. Just my own personal beef.

We made it through all three mazes in record timing and it was very awesome that it was nice and cool. A first for Erick and I as it usually ends up somewhere in the nineties whenever we go. It made the experience much more pleasurable and is most probably a reason why we hung around for so long.

We then took a little break for munchies, including fresh lemonade, kettle corn, roasted corn and turkey leg. No pictures, but BOY was it yummy!

Well rested and re-energized, we then made our way over to the pumpkin blasters to have some real fun.

I even managed to hit a target! Well worth the $6 for projecting pumpkins into cars, targets, and metal signs.

I love this stop motion I caught of our friend hitting the pumpkin sign.

Next was the pumpkin ball relays which was included in our admission.

This was super super fun and now I really want some for….something. I don’t know where we’d have the room for them, but they were quite a blast.

My friend and I even mustered up enough courage to walk through the Haunted House. >.<;; Our husbands really wanted us to go and at first we were insisting they could go together and we’d do something else, but then we got a random lick of bravery to walk through. And we survived! 😀 We should have taken a photo of our success, but we were pretty done by that point so it wasn’t on our minds.


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