Dell Osso’ Family Farms Corn Maze 2015

Unlike my other Monster Gracey presents, this one was somewhat poorly planned and will be lacking in a video. As a tradition, the hubbs and I always go to a corn maze since we started dating. And it has always been the same one.

The Dell Osso’ Family Farms Corn Maze has been our pick for the last six years. Last year was very unfortunate and we did not get to make it out to Lathrop to do our usual romp through the maize.

I’m very happy that we remedied that this year. And with wonderful company to boot! I channeled my inner Lydia Deets with a wide-brimmed hat, black dress fashion and, of course, Monster Gracey.

It was so sunny, but so very fun. I’ve never gone to the corn maze so late in the season before, so it was a little odd for me. It was sad to see that hooligans had done their fair share to the corn stalks and even moved some of the signs (O_O) which is just so…I’m not a fan of the one person who ruins it for everyone, but we still were able to find all the clues in the maze and made it out through all three.

Although we had a funny instance in the first maze where we exited through the second maze’s entrance. Yeah…not exactly sure how that worked out, but it did. We were clearly having lots of fun. 🙂

We were pretty lucky there was a nice person on top of one of the bridges to take a photo of all of us together.

We finished the mazes then made a pit stop for roasted corn and homemade fudge. 🙂

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