Dell Osso’ Farms Corn Maze From 2010 to 2013

One tradition that Erick and I have made and followed through together is going to the Dell Osso’ Corn Maze every year since we started dating. It has been such a fun tradition and we always get such great memories from it.

Dell Osso’ Farms Corn Maze 2010

We went with a large group of friends and my two youngest sisters to attend the Manteca Pumpkin Festival and then follow it with a visit to the corn maze. We have some great pictures, but mostly not so great ones because my brand new camera at the time decided to take fuzzy pictures. Still, Cailin stood in the middle of the pumpkin patch all dressed up and unintentionally scared pumpkin hunters. ^^;

Dell Osso’ Farms Corn Maze 2011

We took whom are now our best man and matron of honor and my youngest sister to the maze. This time Cailin wore a pumpkin head and looked very hot the whole time. >.<;;; We had a lot of fun though and got to enjoy yummy tasty cool lemonade.

Dell Osso’ Farms Corn Maze 2012

We made this trip just a little get away for ourselves and it was one of the most fun times we’ve had. We even got some roasted corn this time!

Dell Osso’ Farms Corn Maze 2013

This year was quite the blast. The corn maze its self was somewhat disappointing and the questions were way too easy, but the company was fantastic! For the first time, I didn’t buy a pumpkin from the patch. :/ Oh well. Hopefully, I’ll find something awesome later in the month…

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