Reading a Halloween Classic

Tonight at 5PM Pacific time, join me in reading a Halloween classic during an Instagram Live featuring two of my favorite Halloween event planners , Your Best Halloween Ever.

reading a halloween classic live information

Soon, you can hang out with the three of us as we sip on libations of choice and read some of our favorite excerpts from “The Halloween Tree”.

Seeing this post after the live? With this in mind, I keep all Instagram Lives I do archived on both my reels page and on my YouTube channel. As such, you can still join in on the fun at any time.

Welcome My Time-Traveling Companions

As previously mentioned, these charming chaps volunteered their valuable October evening to hang out with me. Without a doubt, Andrew and Devin deliver when it comes to making each year the best Halloween ever! In fact, both gents have been an Instagram live guest of mine before and I’m so excited to have them return yet again!

Your Best Halloween Ever
Your Best Halloween Ever
  • Andrew and Devin are the creative duo behind the blog, “Your Best Halloween Ever” where they give you all the ideas and blueprints to make each October even better than the last.
  • Andrew has compiled two published volumes containing 13 short stories each dubbed “Thirteen Tales for Halloween” and “Thirteen More Tales for Halloween”.
  • Devin brings so much energy and spunk to the creative process with his stunning costume looks and sharing in the DIY project space on the blog this year!

Follow Along on the Countdown!

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