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Elvira for Couture for Every Body Launch Party @ Pinup Girl Boutique

Way back at Midsummer Scream (was it really only a month ago? It feels like so long!), Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) in collaboration with Pinup Girl Clothing‘s Laura Byrnes leaked a special preview of their up and coming clothing line exclusive. In addition to showing off the collection, they also handed out a little flyer talking about the project and their special exclusive release party happening at the Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank.

A long time lover of both names, this was a match made in heaven for me and I had been waiting on seeing the line in it’s full glory since they first announced it way back in April. To hear there was going to be an event for it…I had to make attendance happen if I could. Enter my hero husband who made it happen!

I donned the spookiest couture in my closet I could fit in decently for this event then waited in line from around 6:00 to 7:30 to be one of the lucky 75 to gain a complementary photo with Cassandra.

I was super lucky. And so blessed for the opportunity! I was not riding on the chance of getting a photo with Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark), but if it happened to happen, I would be quite excited. Poor Cassandra was tied up with a cold, but insisted on being present for the launch as to not disappoint her fans. It was such an honor that she muscled through the lucky 75 to make her fans happy. Unfortunately, due to her sickness, she had to retire early for the evening was was quickly ushered away after the final fan photo.

Cassandra, however, was no where close to the only highlight of this event! For me, I had come to see the dresses! I even braved on trying two of the five dresses available at the event. Despite my pregnant body, I was able to fit into them, speaking volumes to the quality and versatile fit for varying body types the clothing line boasts.

Several pinup icons, models and designers (if you’re a part of that world) were present at the event including fashion overlord Laura Byrnes, actress and fellow PUG designer Traci Lords as well as pinup model Doris Mayday and cosplay renowned Ivy Doomkitty. The list doesn’t stop there as there were really so many amazing people amongst the fans of both Elvira and Pinup Girl Clothing respectively. Personally, my favorite moment was snapping a shot with Whitney (aka Whitty Pixie), costume designer and makeup stylist. @___@ I guess I’ve been starstruck since chatting with her at Midsummer Scream, and even though I’m sure she was just being nice because I was sparking awkward conversation during our interactions that evening, she was just soo nice and full of positive comments and compliments.

Despite my desire to purchase everything on the spot, I did put a lot of thought into my selection. I tried on the Elvira dress in purple and the Aziza dress while admiring the Mila dress on all of the PUG staff.

In the end…

…Aziza won. As did a TON of Elvira jewelry, but I think I’ll need to make a separate post for that. That collection is ridiculously beautiful. I’m wearing the serpent earrings and baby snakes necklace in these photos for anyone curious. 😉

I. Love. This. Dress. It’s so flattering. And comfy. And despite being 25 weeks pregnant, I was able to get it on and feel sexy. I have not been feeling that in a lot of my clothes lately, if I had to be honest. So it was quite refreshing.

My body is not in it’s normal state. When trying this dress on at the boutique, it was a struggle. I also tried on a size smaller than what I walked away with because I couldn’t initially find the size I wanted to try on, but found it for purchase. My body was also swollen from the lovely hot day. Addisionally, my ribcage has expanded from pregnancy making things really weird to fit into. The Mila dress fit just as amazing as this one and was even easier to put on!

I have to vouch for how these dresses were made. They definitely have all kinds of body types in mind. I really don’t think anyone should not consider adding one to their collection just because they think they don’t have the “right body type”. I have been seeing these dresses and gowns on all types of bodies and they’ve looked gorgeous on each one.

So be bold. Take a risk with these dresses. I know I will certainly be getting at least one more dress from the collection before it goes away.

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