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Midsummer Scream 2022 Panels and Performances

Midsummer Scream 2022 had so many choices for panels on their schedule that I really had to pick and choose what I wanted to attend. In the end, it all came down to the mood of my littles and my own level of energy by the time each panel or performance rolled around.

Winchester Mystery House Presentation

Second Stage – Saturday @ 12:00PM
Guest(s): Walter Magnuson, Natalie Taylor, Michael Taft, Scott levkoff, Mark Straite, Ron Hale

This had to be one of my favorite Midsummer Scream 2022 panels I attended. As is no secret, I’m a huge lover of all things Winchester Mystery House and this panel was all about the teases and fun planned for celebrating the house’s 100th anniversary of Sarah’s death and receiving visitors. They discussed a séance experience being planned on the date of Sarah’s passing as well as what haunt lovers can expect from the house during the Halloween season.

Bob Baker’s Hallowe’en Spooktacular

Pumpkin Patch – Saturday @ 12:00PM
Guest(s): Bob Baker

I did not get a chance to watch this as I was in the Winchester panel, but my husband took the littles to watch and they had a wonderful time. This marionette show is a classic to be found every year at Midsummer Scream and very entertaining as you rest your dogs a bit.

Psychic Buster Performance

Pumpkin Patch – Saturday @ 1:45PM
Guest(s): Psychic Buster

Psychic Buster has attended every year of Midsummer Scream as the Balloon Guy, but this year, he turned guests on their ear with a mentalist/illusionist show, perfect for kids of all ages. The kids enjoyed this greatly and as adults, both Erick and I appreciated the humor and tricks worked into his act.

“Halloween Night” Book Reading

Pumpkin Patch – Saturday @ 2:15PM
Guest(s): Kimmy Perez (aka Spooksieboo)

We got to watch Kimmy read her new book a couple times through the weekend and it was very entertaining to see her transform her story-teller style as the weekend progressed. The book, of course, came home with us as it really enthralled Little Monster.

Night of the Living Drag

Second Stage – Saturday @ 3:00PM
Guest(s): Peaches Christ, Oceana, Natasha Nightmare, Luxe the Drag Queen, DragPool/The Reel Guise, Mr. he, Miss Clair Voyance

The HIGHLIGHT of my weekend. All of the performers were ON POINT and every skit was perfectly spooky. They hit all the genres from Sam calling all the Monsters to a duo performing a more graphic “Sisters” routine. Peaches opened with her Gore Girls song and the energy never stopped. Every bit was fun, but I loved discovering a new Halloween song favorite through Mr. He’s “Halloween Crowd”. As mentioned in my previous post, I will be constantly advocating for this show’s return in 2023!

Additional Note: Due to the copyright on some of the songs used in the show, YouTube has restricted certain performances from being watched in some countries. If you are one of those viewers, I have uploaded the performance in its entirety on Vimeo as well.

Halloween Radio Spooktacular

Theatre Macabre – Sunday @ 12:00PM
Guest(s): Worst Ever Productions

This fun stage performance oozed vibes of Haunted Honeymoon, with a guest appearance from Elvis and a mysterious head. The characters were so well played, however, the screams were a bit too realistic for our two-year-old, so my husband had to step out with him about ten minutes into the performance.

Midsummer Scream Panels I Wanted to Catch, but Chose to Skip

As mentioned earlier, Midsummer Scream 2022 had no shortage of panels and performances to choose from. So many, in fact, that there were many times I had to pick and choose between certain options. Other times, it was just that there was so much going on that I opted to take some downtime instead of rushing into another panel.

Tricks ‘r Terrors: A History of Halloween in America
Saturday @ 12:00PM

As much as I love adding tidbits of Halloween knowledge and history to my knowledge bank, I decided to pass on this and attended the Winchester Mystery House presentation instead. Winchester is one of the few places in attendance that I can visit myself, so I wanted to be there in person to know what was going to happen. Instead, I ordered “Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween“, a book by one of the panelists, Lisa Morton.

The Original Monster Kids
Saturday @ 1:30PM

I was very much looking forward to this panel. However, once we left the Winchester presentation and headed upstairs to get in line, I lost all motivation to stand and wait. And I am glad I did. Not attending this panel ensured we got the seats we wanted for Night of the Living Drag. I would love if Midsummer Scream brought these guests back again. From what I heard; it was a super cool panel.

Spriit HAlloween: The Movie Trailer Sneak Peek
Sunday @ 3:00PM

I was just so tired by this point on Sunday. However, this was one panel I wish I had made more of an effort to attend. It sounded like everything I could have wanted in a trailer sneak peek. Mike did great coverage of everything he learned about the film on All Hallow’s Geek. If you also missed it, Mike’s post is behind-the-scenes gold and very much worth the read!

Final Thoughts on Panels and Presentations

Midsummer Scream always does an amazing job of bringing new and interesting panels to their event. There is never a dull moment, and as a long time convention attendee, Midsummer Scream is one of those rare events where I struggle to pick and choose what exactly I want to attend because everything sounds fun. I love that there are always opportunities for guests of all levels of fame from podcasters to Horror actors to meet fans and gain a reach to those they might not have the chance to connect with under normal circumstances.

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