The Toasting Skipper shows off her Tiki Mug Collection

When first being introduced to the world of tiki, one of my favorite discoveries had to be the tiki mug.

Now, if you’re still new to tiki culture, it’s actually common practice for each tiki bar/restaurant/location to have a souvenir cup of sorts. Usually, it’s made of ceramic and will have a grinning tiki face and the name of the place it came from. Like people, tiki mugs come in all shapes and sizes. Half the fun of discovering a new place is finding out the goodie I’m potentially coming home with!

I don’t have an overwhelming ensemble like some I know, but after a few years of mug accumulating, I’m pretty proud of my collection to date.

Be sure to grab your own favorite mug as you watch me talk about all the mugs we own and the true size of our collection.

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What do you like collecting as travel mementos?

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