Take a Tour of the Halloween Party Dining Room

With a full vision at play, our next tour stop leads into a vintage classic Halloween Party dining room of orange and black tissue paper.

Inspiring Vibes of the Vintage Halloween Party

I cannot deny that my vision for this space came from the amazing Halloween Museum of Midsummer Scream 2022 and the beautiful pages of the Vintage Hallowe’en Party books I picked up over the summer. When pulling out my decor for the dining room, I could already picture the ceiling sprawled with orange and black streamers and adorable nods to the Halloween party of old.

Our dining room had to be both festive and functional. In addition, I wanted us to feel like sitting down to eat each night of October was a real treat.

The Finer Details of the Dining Room

As your eyes wander from the streams stretching from wall to wall, they lead down to the chandelier. Of course, it is complete with an upside-down bat, ready to light the tablespace. However, beyond that, from the curtain vallance hangs a Halloween pennant banner, urging you to discover the sweets decked out across the buffet server. Bottle brush trees in candy corn stripes surround cauldrons filled with chocolate ghosts and pumpkins. These are coupled with ghosts and jack-o-lantern plates, ready for use.

Then, a skeleton covered in orange string lights beckons you to be seated. However, your eyes wander down the wall to admire the array of tin signs and art pieces that depict Halloweens of the past. In contrast to the mural on the wall, you sit down to a tablecloth warm with bats down the center. Similarly, a neighborhood of haunted houses graces the border. Lastly, at the center of the table is a tiered lazy susan, filled with more sweets and two adorable characters. The top-hat skeleton and party hat kitty beckon you to indulge and stay.

Did the dining room provide some further inspiration for your own decor? This space felt loaded with the most decorations, but still cozy. As we look past our table into the library, you’ll find the party doesn’t stop at just our eating space.

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