Welcome to Websdays!

I’m excited to get you tangled up in my passion for the arachnid this year with even more web-based inspirations. I’ve already started kicking it off on my instagram with a new template over my images, but there’s a lot more than just fancy graphics on the way.

With the start of the new year, you can expect special WEBsday posts throughout the month every Wednesday (as I’m sure you’ve guessed)!

I’ll be dusting off the cobwebs on my closet where I’ll be sharing some new additions and old collectibles from my spider inspired wardrobe. This will also be where I share some tips and tricks and possibly even a diy or two on how you can add some webs to your own fashions as well as throughout the season. Because as you very well know from Save a Spider Day last year, spiders are very lucky to have around.

I’m also bringing a project to life that I’ve had on my radar for over a year. Inspired by an idea my husband gave me, I hope you’ll find this secret project especially engaging!

Are you weaving any special plans for 2020? Please be sure to leave a comment for me below to tell me all about it!

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