Monster & Boo

Little Monster’s 1st Hair Cut

I can’t believe we were able to get away so long with getting our little girl’s hard cut, but here we are. It wasn’t planned or put off for any particular reason, but she did get to a point where that hair of hers was constantly in her face.

We made an appointment for Cookie Cutters in Sacramento and now our little one has bangs and much more manageable hair style than what she had before.

I was very happy with the experience and although I was certainly one of those people pre-children who scoffed at there being a kid-specific hair salon with vehicle-shaped chairs and a play structure, the experience really made me appreciate the value of having a kid friendly salon experience. The stylist we worked with was VERY quick and nailed exactly what we needed for our little girl who’s constantly on the go and really doesn’t love us styling her hair on a normal day. The whole experience was wrapped up within fifteen minutes which is amazing when you’re working with a restless toddler.

I also love that we got a certificate with a clipping of her hair to save complete with the date and who did her cut. For the moms who like to scrapbook or keep a baby book, this is a great little keepsake to share with your child later without having to find some fancy container to store the hair clipping in.

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