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A Cryptid Book for Bedtime

There’s just something about kicking off a month about the thinned veil by sharing tales of ghosts and ghoulies. I thought it would be really fun to have Monster read some interesting tales to Boo in a late night after bedtime sort of fashion. Was there anyone who DIDN’T sneak a late night read beneath their covers?

We selected a beautiful book I’ve been wanting to sit and read with my littles since I bought it back in June, but Life has been a little bit funny and I can never seem to get it together. But that’s neither here nor there.

The Cryptid ABC Book by Amanda R. Woomer is simply adorable. The homework has certainly been done for this fun children’s book, successfully listing one cryptid who’s name respectfully starts with each alphabet letter (even X!) accompanied by a doodle-like illustration to match. The wording is simple to share with a wide range of children and for those curious about more for each cryptid, the back of the book contains further information.

Despite the darker natures of some of the cyptids that were showcased in this book, every creature is presented in a child friendly manner that left me quite confident that my littles wouldn’t finish the book feeling some fear. In fact, my eldest wanted to re-read it immediately upon completion.

If you are in search of spooky books to add to your children’s library, I couldn’t recommend this one enough!

During these photos, Little Monster most enjoyed showing Lil’ Boo her favorite cryptids.

Which of these thought-provoking cryptids do you find yourself drawn to? Be sure to tell me down in the comments!

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