hallowwoods halloween calendar tradition

HallowWoods Halloween Calendar Tradition

HallowWoods dropped this beautiful Halloween calendar in 2021, unintentionally turning it into our family tradition! When Matt dropped this super fun Halloween calendar in 2021 I was over-the-moon. This calendar started and ended in October, highlighting spooky events throughout the year. It was so exciting to see him bring it back for 2022 and I hope it continues to remain his annual tradition.

HallowWoods Halloween Countdown Calendar

As you know, countdown fun is my jam. Although I am terrible with dates, I do love peeking at this calendar to see what frightful fun happened on any particular day. I greatly appreciate that the first October for 2022 is the same as the last October on the old calendar. Not having to pick between one illustration or the other was a relief. However, be sure to make note of special dates from the old calendar since they are a little different when it comes to what is featured.

Love the idea of this calendar? Last I checked, you can still order a Halloween Calendar from HallowWoods on his site.

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