Candy Corn Crew,  Halloween

Candy Corn Crew Membership

I’m wrapping up the momentum of treats from with a final special good available only today!

Every physical membership kit purchased today will receive my Candy Corn Love Pin FOR FREE with their order. This is a crazy good deal you will not want to miss out on. The best part is there’s no coupon code needed! I’ll be referencing all orders placed today and I’ll throw in a pin when it’s packaged.

There’s one final surprise coming this Friday in celebration of National Candy Corn Day in the shape of a mini-caper! You’ll have to keep an eye out on to catch it. Members already know what I’m talking about and are getting an early preview.

Have you seen what the Crew has gotten away with since our last check-in? I fell a little behind and have been updating like crazy the last 24 hours to catch up so feel free to take a look for some new corny goodness. Which of their adventures has been your favorite?

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