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Cobwebs ‘n’ Candy Corn – On Vacation –

My little spiderlings may be just as excited as we are for my family’s upcoming vacation. There’s nothing quite like taking some quality time away from home where you kind of have no limitations nor expectations for what to do outside of your own.

So this will be the final post for July. All of us here will see you all in August when I release my Midsummer Scream coverage!

Caramelo is into cosplay and costume making.
She’s looking most forward to attending the classes and workshops.

I am thrilled for the costume I put together for Midsummer Scream. It was kind of a random descision and was a little extra work, but it was totally worth it! I’m excited to see how my Tiki-themed Elvira will be received or if anyone will actually get it. ^^;;

I also cannot wait for all the different panels and classes available at Midsummer Scream this year! I’m usually a one to two panels kind of gal, but this year, there are so many fun looking demonstrations, classes and workshops; that I might spend a ton of time sitting in rooms! Hopefully that doesn’t mean a lot of lines…

Five Panels I’m Hoping to Attend:

Candy is the journalist of the group.
He’s very excited to capture the event.

I’m excited that we’ve upped some of our tools for capturing Midsummer Scream including a new lens and new video camera. Hopefully that encourages me to take even more footage and better photos this year! There’s just soooo much to see and I always feel like I never capture everything I wanted to.

And don’t forget to “cheers” with me to get a very special treat.

Bonbon is ALWAYS looking to add more to her collection.
Especially if it is candy corn related…

But of course, the highlight for me with any fan-based event is the shopping! I don’t actually have a set list of vendors I MUST find this year, although I will be returning to Drew Rausch’s One Stop Spooky Shop to pick up a commission (and hopefully some new goodies!) and visiting Lady Moon Co. and Sweet Siren Designs for the first time ever.

I’m hoping to find some Over the Garden Wall and Candy Corn related goodies too, but that might be a bit of a reach…

I’m sure there will be LOADS to discover, but do you have any must-see recommendations for me?

Let me know in the comments down below.

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