Monster & Boo

Frank’s Fun Run 2020

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who donated. We were so blown away by everyone’s generosity and we more than doubled our goal, which was very exciting to see. Each one of our donors should have a little something on the way to them as a little “thank you” over the next couple weeks; be sure to keep an eye on your mail. 😉

Originally, we intended to do our walk in a state park nearby, but the week of the run took an unexpected turn in the weather. It got hotter earlier in the day as we drew closer to our planned day. The state park didn’t open until 8 and it would already be in the high 80’s before we would even begin. We made the decision to wake up as early as possible and do a walk around our neighborhood instead.

We managed to get up around 7:15 and got our littles dressed. Don’t Be a Monster was encouraging costumes so I dressed up Little Monster and Lil’ Boo as Wednesday and Pugsley Addams (both outfits are made of light fabrics and the Wednesday look allowed me to braid Monster’s hair so it would stay out of her face and help keep her cool).

We got out the door by 7:45 to already pretty warm, but manageable temperatures. To our surprise, it was slightly drizzling, but just over our house which felt super Addams Familyesque. We snapped some quick photos of Monster and Boo sharing what they walk for (the creepy and the kooky, the mysterious and spooky), then began our walk.

We walked almost 2 miles. Erick’s steps counter logged 1.9 miles. Monster did so great! She walked the whole time and even pushed Boo for some of it. Once completed, we escaped back into the house and enjoyed a hearty breakfast while watching the “Addams Family” animated movie.

Both Monster and Boo seemed to enjoy themselves and we hope that Don’t Be a Monster does a virtual run again in the future. It was a very fun thing to do as a family and we’re already plotting ideas for next year.

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