Monster & Boo

Three Months into Siblinghood

I’m jumping back into sharing my monthly updates on my little Monster and Boo. I was doing a three month check-in the first year Little Monster was born and with it being a new experience balancing motherhood between her and Lil’ Boo, I thought it would be fun to chat with you a little bit on how sibling life is adjusting not just for me,  but for them as well.

Time definitely slips by faster than I can anticipate it, but I feel like this time around, it’s more controlled and less of a flurry of milestones and catch-up.

Month One

Boo’s Development

Just like his sister, he showed himself to be full of strength and spirit. However, unlike his sister, he really didn’t mind chilling in the swing or sleeping in his crib during nap and bedtime. He loves eating and has had little to no issues with breastfeeding. He has been very sensitive to sound and has taken some time adjusting to our more boisterous household. He’s quite a quiet baby, his fussing takes quite a while to build up and it doesn’t ever get too extreme. To top that, he’s extremely easy to sooth once he’s been upset.

Adventures in Siblinghood

I really anticipated the jealousy from Monster to be more intense, but after about two weeks of Boo’s arrival, she accepted the fact that he was here to stay. Instead, she focused more on when he could be brought into her games. We’ve had to explain to her that he’s not able to just yet, but have gotten her involved in diaper changes, dressing and holding him (while seated) to help sooth him. She’s loved the responsibility.

Month Two

Boo’s Development

By the end of month One, Lil’ Boo has been sleeping through the night. I thought Little Monster was an easy-going baby, but Boo is even more so. His two month check-up went off without a hitch. Two months was also his first set of shots; he cried a little, but by the time we had left the room, he was over it. He’s very comfortable with holding up his head when held and loves to use his legs to push off anything they come in contact with.

Adventures in Siblinghood

Boo is still sensitive to loud environments which creates interesting experiences between him and Monster who loves to sing and talk and do everything with as much volume as possible. Still, he seems to enjoy listening to his big sister sing to him and has been very comfortable when she wants to hold him.

Month Three

Boo’s Development

He has discovered his thumb and is quickly becoming a master self-soother. He can lift up his head while on his stomach for a good few seconds, but he really isn’t wild about the position. His favorite way to be held lately is where he’s able to stretch or push his legs against something, almost in a pseudo-standing position. He loves floating in the pool, but sun bathing even more. This boy LOVES the heat.

Adventures in Siblinghood

Monster just ADORES anything she can do to be a big sister. She’s very much getting used to the fact that I have to calm him down at times before I can help her, but there are still days where she wants to be the baby. Of course, she never wants my attention when I’m free to give it, only when I’m dealing with a blow-out diaper or need to feed Boo. Still, we’re getting it together and she’s really begun to enjoy working on activities on her own.

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