ghostbusters scare experience

Ghostbusters scARe Experience

Our kids became obsessed with Ghostbusters: Afterlife and one random afternoon, we discovered the Ghostbusters scARe app; an Augmented Reality experience from Imprezario Entertainment. We downloaded this to preoccupy our children, but it ended up catching both mine and my husband’s interests. We decided to have all of us attempt to unlock the levels of this game. In effect, what resulted was hilarity and fun.

We couldn’t pass up dressing for the occasion, even if we were just playing in our backyard space. I did opt to pass on donning Mistress of the Bust for mobility and comfort’s sake. After all, I happen to be a big enough ghost-head that I have a backup ghostbuster romper for the more casual ghost busting days. Little Monster loved seeing the ghosts pop up around us. But to be honest, I cannot decide who had more fun with this.

Have you heard of the Ghostbusters scARe experience? It only has five levels, but it was such a blast getting to physically move around our environment and play a phone game in a little different of a way.

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