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Halloween,  Mistress of the Dark

Mistress of the Bust

It’s that gal in black boots, ready to ‘bust some ghostly brutes, Elvira, Mistress of the Bust! Welcome to my Halloween 2022 costume reveal, Darlings!

Who you gonna call? Mistess of the Bust!

This costume was a random inspiration thanks to both my littles and my husband. They have been OBSESSED with Ghostbusters since we saw Ghostbusters: Afterlife this summer. As luck would have it, I already had a “We Love Fine” Romper from back in 2014. However, I really wanted to do something fun and different that still matched my family.

Suddenly, I had this spark of “what if Elvira were a Ghostbuster?” and so “Mistress of the Bust” was born! I will take any excuse to throw on an Elvira cosplay. This felt like a great chance to exercise my costume creativity while working from something I’m familiar with. Much like I did for Tiki Elvira at Midsummer Scream 2019.

Dressin’ for Bustin’

This look uses Elvira’s classic makeup, wig and earrings, while changing up only her outfit and shoes. I repurposed my boots from my Season’s Screamings Santavira and found the perfect romper from Foxblood. Initially, I was going to make the romper from a Ghostbusters pattern I found. However, this made it so much easier and would have cost the same. I love the zipper front to create the iconic Elvira cleavage while not needing to do extreme boob support.

Meanwhile, the patches from Athena Brands were the perfect addition. She even helped me with trimming the patch in red versus the classic black to make it stand out against the black romper a little better. Using “Of the Dark” versus “Elvira” felt like the perfect complement to the Elvira character and the Ghostbusters vibes. I topped off the wig with my Ecto-goggles and voila! Mistress of the Bust.

Unpleasant Dreamz~ 🖤 Mistress of the Bust

What do you think? Should I keep up with creating Elvira variants or stick with the classic black dress?

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