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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2020: Mailable Spider Encounter

Originally, my plans were to challenge you to seek an encounter with an arachnid friend, but the idea of a special mailable spider encounter sounded just as fun.

The current state of the world is not allowing folks out and about in the world. Although spiders can usually be found just outside, if you don’t live in a green area, it might be even more challenging. In addition, the weather might not be spider friendly.

So I had the genius idea to bring a special mailable spider encounter to you!

From now until 11:59 PM PST tonight (or until I run out of cards), I’ll be collecting mailing addresses from anyone interested and will mail a special spidergram via snail mail. Just input your information through the Google form below. This little postcard will come from one of my three spiderlings, Candy, Bonbon or Caramelo. The selection will be random, so it will be a complete surprise for whom you get an arachnid greeting from. Special bonus is that each card will be hand drawn and 100% original.

And yes, international addresses are welcome!

Clicking on image above will take you to Google Form to sign up!

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