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Be Kind to Spiders Week 2020: Cobweb Tea Party Photo Shoot

I had to do something fun and completely different on my birthday, so I thought why not do a twisted Little Miss Muffet cobweb tea party photo shoot? Today is my birthday AND the final day of Be Kind to Spiders week, so it felt like the perfect finish to my festivities.

If you’re not familiar with Little Miss Muffet, it’s a children’s nursery rhyme about a girl who gets scared off by a spider. It was first published in the “Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes” in 1805. Of course, our party takes a slightly different turn from the original story…

Little Miss Muffet
A tea party did covet,
Out on the sunny brae;
She invited some spiders
Who brought ‘long some cider,
And they partied all through the day.

Knowing I was going to be at the end of my pregnancy come my birthday, I had already resigned to not being able to have a gathering or party due to lack of energy and ability to travel. However, I decided I could still do something fun without having to involve a lot of people. A tea party photoshoot sounded like it would be just the thing! I gave my hubby a heads up and started collecting ideas to set the stage.

Of course no celebration photo shoot (birthday or not) is complete without a fun outfit! This fabric is the true inspiration behind the whole idea. Roses? Cobwebs? What doesn’t scream tea party about the whole feeling? It was really fun deciding what exactly to make out of the fabric. It was completely unintentionally making Little Monster a matching outfit, but I’m so happy I did.

I love breaking out my Royal Albert tea set whenever I can. Tying in spiders and webs to compliment the floral patterns on the cups and dishes was an interesting challenge, but really fun to brainstorm ideas over.

And of course, there needed to be spiders to join us in celebrating! Have to work in some homage to the nursery rhyme, right?

I’ve never done a styled photo shoot before where I set up a whole scene so this was a really fun experience. It’s not the best, but I think the results for a first time were pretty successful and I learned a lot with using what you’ve got to make a very unique setting.

How are you celebrating this final day of Be Kind to Spiders week?

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