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  • Candy Corn Crew Membership

    Candy Corn Crew Membership

    I’m wrapping up the momentum of treats from CandyCornCrew.com with a candy bar sized treat you won’t want to miss.

  • Candy Corn Crew Membership Kits

    Candy Corn Crew Membership Kits

    There are a variety of goodies available on CandyCornCrew.com, but I’m quite proud of the membership kits I assembled to bring an additonal level of interactivity to the website.

  • Candy Wrapper Keychains

    Candy Wrapper Keychains

    Have you had the chance to check out my new candy wrapper keychains over on CandyCornCrew.com? I am so proud of how these turned out and now you can bring one of my spiderlings with you on any adventure.

  • “Shark Teeth”

    “Shark Teeth”

    It’s Shark Week this Sunday and the Candy Corn Crew are diving deep in search of some “Shark Teeth” for the occasion.

  • Join the Candy Corn Crew

    Join the Candy Corn Crew

    Time to break out the candy corn and celebrate! My little spiderlings are off on a new adventure with a new name AND a new website coming to you very soon!