The Halloween Tree Sugar Skull Guardians

Like Moundshroud is the the “keeper” of the Halloween Tree in the story, I felt my own tree needed a guardian. Ones to keep safe those it represents and to keep any spirits that aren’t welcome at bay. In Egyptian lore, cats are protectors, represented by the Goddess Bastet, for both the living and the dead and in Ancient Egypt were often depicted on the urn jars which contained mummies’ organs. She is what those little urns are actually named after! (can you tell I put a lot of ridiculous thought into this tree?) So as our cats were our companions and safe-keepers in life, they go on guarding our tree.

I do debate on getting one made for our turtle, Mikey, who passed the week of our move, but I don’t know if a turtle serves as a guardian or he should just be a welcomed spirit to our tree. Any suggestions?

Oh and if you love these little kitties, the shop I got them from not only does custom orders, but also sells ready made ones of not only cats, but dogs as well. she did a beautiful job and if you’re interested, I highly suggest checking out her work!

Sugar Skull Cats

Spirit of Aine – Etsy Shop

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