Maternity Costumes

I’m here to protest painted bellies and punny pregnancy costumes.

Now…don’t get me wrong, if you’re into that and cannot wait for your own opportunity to paint your belly orange and wear a shirt that reads “pumpkin smuggler”, more power to you. But I’m here to ask, why do all the maternity Halloween costumes out there have to be so gosh-darn unflattering?!

At 32 weeks pregnant, I had actually given a lot of thought to my Halloween costume much more earlier than my 32 weeks. In fact, I had been brainstorming about it since May.

Not really knowing what shape I would be or how much I would be showing, I knew I should come up with a list of ideas as soon as I could to pick from. The internet results to help spark creativity were somewhat…underwhelming unless you wanted to show off that big belly by painting it. I love getting creative with my costumes, but it seemed that this pregnancy might prove to be a real challenge for me just in finding a costume!

Below are five ideas to pull great costumes from and with a little planning, or even just a little thirft-store searching, you can make them happen quite easily!

Wanda – Hotel Transylvania

Wanda is the wife of Wayne, Drac’s werewolf buddy. I believe in both films, she’s seen to be quite far along in pregnancy which makes her a perfect candidate for the mommy-to-be that’s close to expecting. A simple yellow dress with white collar and cuff and a red jewel neck pin and you can be good to go. Get more detailed oriented with some creative face-painting to look more wolf-like or pick up a wolf-mask and a short bob wig. Wanda walks around without shoes so she’s perfect to wear around the house if you plan on doing trick-or-treater candy duty! No shoes, I’m in!

Pregnant Mavis (Human form) – Hotel Transylvania 2

Mavis doesn’t really change her outfit between the first and second film and her pregnancy is not very long-lived, but a mom-to-be of any size could pull off being Mavis at any stage AND do it in comfort! Just get a knit black dress that falls above your knees and black and red stockings or tights (which are to be found in abundance this time of year), some red sneakers or converses (if you have them), a black bob wig and voila! Mavis! As I get more along in pregnancy, everything is about what’s comfortable and this would definitely be a super comfy costume to wear out.

Pregnant Mavis (Bat form) – Hotel Transylvania 2

As this is the scene where Mavis is really seen to be showing, you can easily deviate from her Human form by finding a bat-wing blouse or making one yourself and showing off that cute baby belly like Mavis does to Papa Drac.

Elvira in a Tub

How is this maternity? Can you believe that Elvira was seven months pregnant when she did this photoshoot?! The photographer decided to put her in a tub to hide her baby bump to still have the opportunity to do a shoot with Cassandra. This also happens to be one of my favorite photos of her ever, so it was extra special to me when I discovered that it was taken while she was an expectant mom-to-be.

Ok, I’ll be honest. This one isn’t so much of an easy one as I stated initially. >.<;; I think it could be very fun to do. I haven’t quite figured out how to pull this one off, but I still think it would be really funny. Especially since I have the wig and all. Maybe keep it really simple and make a tub out of cardboard or something. ^^;;

Morticia Addams – Addams Family

Now, in the movie, Morticia doesn’t really have a visible bump…ever. ^^;; But! I think any expecting mom at any stage of pregnancy could pull this one off. Keep it simple. Find a long stretchy-black dress with long sleeves, a long black wig and a knitted or crocheted onsie to walk around with. Double bonus that Daddy-to-be could join in on the fun as Gomez. 😉

Do you have any cute or classy maternity costume ideas that don’t focus on the belly?

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