Welcoming Our Loved Ones through Our Halloween Tree

Our Halloween Tree looked gorgeous  in the glow of lit jack-o’-lanterns and Halloween lights and the pumpkins’ lights made it all through the night well into the passing of the veil closing. I was quite impressed by how long the balloon lights did last as most of them were just leftovers from a previous party and I didn’t think the lights would stay lit past the time we decided to call it quits. (About 10:30)

I will be very excited to add to this next year and am already plotting things to improve offerings and placement. I’d love for our Halloween Tree to be a bigger focus of our indoor decor next year as a lot of love and care have gone into it. We’ll see what I manage to come up with!

Until next year, I hope all the spirits were well fed and honored and enjoyed the safe place to rest.

When did you start to welcome passed loved ones into your home?

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