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Little Monster Sets Sail on the Jingle Twos

A December birthday party is an interesting challenge to plan for, but we’ve now hosted two successful parties for our December-born Monster with great success. My husband and I agreed from the moment we knew we were having a December baby that we wouldn’t mix her birthday with Christmas and overall, we’ve done just that. We might have cheated a little with the theme this time around, but it certainly didn’t take away from the focus of it being Little Monster’s special day.

We had a lot of fun brainstorming and creating the decor for Little Monster’s Jingle Cruise inspired party theme, dubbing it “Jingle Twos”. We relied more on the cruise part of the theme, making a lot of decor that we got to end up incorporating into our year-round decor. We did the Jingle Cruise theme over doing a straight up Jungle Cruise theme because it allowed my family to decorate the house as a whole for the holiday season without feeling like we’d need to take things down for the party. Like I mentioned before, it was a bit of a loophole towards the no “combining Christmas with her birthday”, but it worked out well and didn’t really feel like a Christmas party.

Complete with special touches designed especially by Tiki Tony, we rocked the Jingle Cruise look. We made so much including  an interchangeable Jingle/Jungle Cruise entrance sign, an adventureland mailbox guestbook, an old record player spinning a Disneyland Christmas vinyl, a “Jungle All the Way” table runner, a Santatula cage and Jingle Cruise skipper hat favors for the children party guests. We put so much care into these details and designs, it was so rewarding to hear our guests point them out and notice them.

The day itself was simple and relaxed which was more than I could have asked for and our Little Monster Skipper really seemed to enjoy herself. We kept the guest list very simple, keeping it to her grandparents, aunts, uncles and our neighbors. Both sides of our families are generously sized so our guest counts jump really fast without even trying. With that being a thing, we’ve tried not to make Little Monster’s parties about who’s coming, but how it’s spent.

In the end, we didn’t have to worry about the rhino needing to make a point and we didn’t lose anyone on Safari. It’s safe to say it was a very fun time had by all.

Vendor Thanks – How Else Can I Show My Gratitude?

Isela Lozano Photography for the beautiful photos

Sweet Arts Bakery for Little Monster’s very special cake and delightful cupcakes.

TikiTony for the postcard design we used for the guestbook postcards and thank you cards and the fabric design I used for making our matching family t-shirts. (We also used TikiTony’s Jungle Bote mug as part of our entrance display.)

If you were one of my vendors, please let me know of any additional way I can show my appreciation that will support you and send business in your direction!

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