Webdrobe Review : Hell Bunny Itsy Bitsy Spider Knit Sweater

I am no fashion expert. I don’t really have the means to keep up a cost-focused hobby at this time in my life, but I do love looking at all the fun creeptastic apparel that comes out, and every now and then, I get lucky with a new addition here or there.

During Christmastime, I got one such opportunity when my husband said he would treat me to a purchase from Unique Vintage’s sale section and I picked out this adorable knit top by Hell Bunny. I chanced getting it in a Large (they were sold out of XL at the time we ordered it) and I’m very glad I did. Because of my chest measurements, I tend to order on the larger sizes of things to compensate and avoid stretches and puckers, but Hell Bunny’s knit tops are generous in sizing and I don’t feel like going with the smaller size warped the pattern at all. For reference, my regular (non-pregnant) bust size is 42″ and according to Unique Vintage’s size chart on this item the large is supposed to accommodate a 39″ bust.

First off, I love the style of this sweater. The cut is very flattering, especially on someone as chest heavy as I am. It’s always a concern for me when it comes to a patterned top like this, but it really compliments my frame well and my ladies don’t become the focus of the look. The sleeves are a great length that makes this a multi-season friendly top. With the exception of the hot summers in my area, I believe you can wear this top practically any time of the year. Even taking summer into consideration, you could grab this sweater to throw on over a tank top when the summer nights get chilly. I’ve worn this solely as a top, but it has a lot of layering potential too.

Putting the pattern aside, I ADORE the feel of the knit Hell Bunny used for this sweater. It’s ridiculously soft and cozy AND easy to wash. I’ve followed the washing directions and it’s still as soft as when I first took it out of the package and there is no color bleeding between the black and white details.

I really love how Unique Vintage’s brands and partnered brands all have had friendly washing instructions. Everything I’ve bought from them up to this point has been either hand washable or gentle cycle wash (unlike another vintage brand I adore, where each of their pieces requires dry cleaning). As a soon-to-be mom of two, I don’t have the time or income to constantly be running to the dry cleaners for favorite wear items when we have a capable washer machine at home with an awesome hand wash feature.

All in all, I’m so in love with this sweater and find every excuse to wear it. I’ll be sad when I start breastfeeding again because I won’t really be able to wear it without the potential of stretching it out from constant removal. This purchase made me excited to look at Hell Bunny’s other knit top offerings in the future. I find the fit extremely flattering, the material A-Grade and the wash durability something to be appreciated and shared!

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