Spider Celebrations

Save a Spider Day Giveaway on Instagram

Happy Websday, Spiderlings! Can you believe Save a Spider Day is THIS Saturday? I know!

I adore this little-known national holiday created just for showing a little well deserved love and respect to the common arachnid. Some of you may recall my celebration from last year, but if you’re not ready to get touchy-feely with our eight-legged friends, there is always Spooky Little Halloween’s genius suggestion to create a wreath to express your affections instead.

I’ve been fighting off some bizarre sinus cold for about three weeks now and it’s completely thrown off my original plans for adding to the celebration of respecting the spider. Still, I managed to throw together a simple giveaway on Instagram in honor of the day.

Lucky for you, there’s still time to enter! All you need is an Instagram account and you can participate. The giveaway closes on Friday at 11:59PM PST. I’ll be announcing the winners on Saturday.

Sorry I don’t have much else for you this Websday, but I have some very exciting things cooking over the next couple weeks in addition to some super fun plans for Be Kind to Spiders week that you won’t want to miss!

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