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Welcome back, Autumn

The moon pulled out all of her Harvest glory last night and the autumnal equinox has made it’s return, even if it was just as a date on the calendar. (We hit the high 90’s today so it felt very little like Fall…) However, I did want to take the time to usher it in with some nice words and actions as a more elaborate way of saying, “Welcome back, Autumn”.

With the arrival of the fall, spooky season finds it’s self just around the corner. As you know, it tends to get busier than usual around the blog as I attempt to cram in a little something special each day. The expectation versus the reality do not always pair off well, but I try my best.

I actually had the pleasure of kicking off Autumn a little earlier in the month with a date night at Winchester Mystery House. This child-free outing set the mood and my expectations to make this season really special. Just look at the image above! I feel inspiration every time I look at it!

Moving into the topic of inspiration…For the first time in a few months, I felt a calling to pull out my Tarot of the Unknown deck today. Visualizing the season ahead, myself, Little Monster and Lil’ Boo each contributed a card pull.

Autumn Thoughts

(My Card)

autumn thoughts - the fool

Autumnal Feelings

(Little Monster’s Card)

autumn feelings - the sun (reversed)

Autumn’s Actions

(Lil’ Boo’s Card)

autumn actions - the hanged man

It’s an interesting spread while also being a perfect summarization of all my expectations versus my insecurities. While Summer is never a grand time for me, it felt particularly challenging this year. I’m very eager to shake up the calendar with a new season, but I have also been struggling to shake off the doubts and grumblings in the pit of my stomach.

Either way, time keeps pushing forward. Without drawing things out unnecessarily, it is very much time to welcome Autumn back.

While I have you here, I would love to know how you celebrated the changing of the seasons. Leave a comment below to let me know what your Autumnal toast is.

Cheers! Chelsea

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