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Winter Holiday Card Exchange 2020

Every year, I hope I can come up with a new card design for the winter holidays like I do for Halloween, but I usually end up so distracted by October, that I never give myself enough time to create a new piece in time for the winter without me scrambling to get it finished at the last possible moment.

This year I feel super prepared and now my cards are just waiting for you to sign up. As always, International participants are welcome to sign up! I mail my cards world-wide wherever standard post is accepted.

Sign ups close on Sunday, December 13th

or when 50 slots are filled

(whichever happens first )

Holiday 2020 card sign ups are closed. Please check back next year!

I will mail all Holiday Cards by December 21st. I will contact all participants via email once your card has been handed over to the post office.

You are NOT expected to send a card in return. It’s a kind gesture, but this is all just fun for me and we all have a lot of things going on at this time of year. I totally get it.

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