13 Animated Spooky Music Videos for 2019

It’s a real treat when artists get creative with their videos and throw a spooky vibe through not just the audio, but visuals as well. Today, I have 13 music videos that have been animated in various forms of 2D, 3D and stop motion animations for your viewing pleasure!

Jump right in to the whole playlist above or keep scrolling for an in-depth review of each video that made it onto this list!

“Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn” – Evelyn Evelyn

This adorable video is part live action, part animated, but the animated aspects definitely have some spooky vibes. Probably the least “Halloweenie” of the list, I still love the tune and the little animations are a throw back to old cartoons, which I adore. And the fog drawings is such a unique way to execute animations.

“The Rifle’s Spiral” – The Shins

Not really spooky in song, I do love the concept of magicians dualing over the iconic white rabbit. There’s definitely some great imagery in this stop-motion music video worthy of being on a visual Halloween playlist.

“Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow” – Hazbin Hotel

All about demons and their princess determined to help her people reform before another purge happens. This video is ridiculous, but so much so, that I couldn’t help but include it in this list. Interested to know more about this story? Well, lucky you, the creator JUST premiered their pilot episode on their channel. It was a little more mature in content than I was expecting, (Lots of foul language, VERY adult topics and content, violence, etc. I was thinking it might be more PG-13 kind of rating, but I was definitely thrown for a surprise and I only got about 10 minutes in…) but might be up someone’s alley.

“Welcome Home” – Squiggly Digg

There’s lots of Bendy and the Ink Machine fan music videos out there. (apparently, this is a really big thing! OoO) However, this is the one that made my list because the tune is haunting and captures the spirit of Bendy without really spoiling the storyline either. It’s certainly the video that motivated me to give a try at playing the game.

“Magic” – Mystery Skulls Fan Animatic

Mystery Skulls is known for another fun spooky song that got very popular not too long ago, but this really impressive animatic was made by a fan with a beautiful story about a composer with the power to command spirits. I was very disappointed by the band’s official music video, but felt this animatic was a better match to the song AND is also embraced by the band as well!

“Ghost of Stephen Foster” – Squirrel Nut Zippers

Honestly, I had to watch this video QUITE a few times to decide if it was actually animated to the music or was just well spliced Betty Boop cartoons. The animation is so well done to match that era of cartoons, it’s really hard to believe it was made in 1999.

“Sing a Worried Song” – Legendary Shack Shakers

Another video that mixes live footage and animation although not in the same way as Evelyn Evelyn did. The animation is really fun and full of graveyards, bones and demons, but I’m not sure exactly about mixing in the live footage. Still a good listen and the song is another great Halloween playlist addition.

“The Zombie Song” – Stephanie Mabey

An adorable animatic that illustrates Mabey’s cute love song perfectly. I recently stumbled across this song in the spring and I’m still not tired of it.

“Zombie Prostitute” – Voltaire Fan Animation

If you’ve never seen any of Daria Cohen’s videos before, you’re in for a treat with this 2D fan animated video. Granted the content is not exactly child-friendly content, but she captures Voltaire’s fun spunk in her animation and it is nowhere near as crass as Hazbin Hotel. Daria makes a lot of her videos to Voltaire songs and her Vampire series is really fun to watch unfold.

“The Wolf” – SIAMÉS

I feel like the song along belongs on a Halloween playlist, but the three individuals being chased by a hulking wolf-shadow certainly adds to the imagery that might already be running through your head.

“Me and Mr. Wolf” – The Real Tuesday Weld

This is just one of those songs I can’t stop listening to and the animation feels like a true Wolfman modern day retelling. Apparently the band was inspired by a book filled with stories inspired by wolf folklore and pop culture. They have another two videos featuring the wolf man character if you’re interested in more, but they don’t scream Halloween as much as this one does.

“Flowers” – Emilie Simon

I know I shared this video waaaaaaaaaay waaaaaaay back before I even started doing Halloween countdowns, but I still love it and being clay animation, it’s got very spooky characters with a surprise twist at the end any Halloween lover will appreciate and well deserving of being on this list.

“Halloween Song” – Kyle Allen Music

A fun animatic that makes up the final video on this playlist. Kyle Allen is responsible for placing a lot of game music, but this cute Halloween song is very appropriate for the whole family and very worthy of sharing. I’m honestly surprised it’d never popped up on my radar until about a month ago, but has been around for two years!

Is there an animated music video I’ve missed? Be sure to share it with me down below in the comments!

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