Websday Live with Penny Snark

My final guest to announce is the fashion goddess Penny Snark of The Sconnie Sling during my final Instagram WEBSDAY Live for October happening this Wednesday, October 27th!

websday live with penny snark

What exactly is The Sconnie Sling?

Fashion, self-care, travel, photoshoots and kitschy fun to the max! It is impossible to sum up all that the lovely Penny does with just one topic. I cannot lie, when Spooky Little Halloween sent Penny Snark in my direction, it was love at first sight! What I love most about The Sconnie Sling is that it’s a beautiful collection of ALL of Penny’s passions, not just Halloween. Often times, I feel a little separated from the Halloween crowd just because I’m not Halloween 24/7, but Penny was such a refreshing blog to bring into my scene since she really plays will all the holidays. She always denies being a “Halloween” blog, but I’d say, it’s more like….”mostly macabre”.

My Websday LIVE with Penny Snark

Penny and I share a love for tropical cocktails and classic gin concoctions. She’ll be playing into the classics by mixing up a perfect autumnal drink that pays homage to the French 75 (but make it Fall) with the Harvest 75 cocktail. If you wish to join us, you can check out their recipe ahead of time!

Highlights from The Sconnie Sling

As I mentioned earlier, Penny dabbles in a little bit of everything on their blog, but I thought I’d get your interest piqued by drawing your attention to some of my favorites that have brought joy not just to my Halloweens, but the whole year.

The Snark Sewing Diaries

I love a spunky sewist, but I love it even more when they dive into their creation journeys. Penny has been venturing into the clothing creation world and sharing her sewing experiences. This year, she’s jumping into historical costuming and I am so excited to follow along on her adventures!

(But can I also shout out these amazing bad bitch aesthetics she shared too?!)

Tropical Bar Escapism

Penny was the first person I encountered in the Halloween community to also be a huge Tiki fan. So much so, she has a whole tab for Tiki experiences on her blog. She’s had some very magical tropical experiences so I can’t recommend just one or two posts to feature. You should really explore them all!

Thoughts to Stop & Ponder

There really is so much to explore, but more than anything, Penny gives some intellectual tidbits that I’m always down for mentally consuming. She’s a huge self-care advocate, especially when it comes to sharing her own mental health journey. From creating a kit for anxiety to how to counter act it, Penny doesn’t hide her struggles, but also makes a point to push into taking the right steps for getting whatever help that meets your needs.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also shares loads about death positivity and also started a podcast where she discusses an array of macabre topics from bats to spooky fashion with her co-host, Midge Munster!

I cannot wait to host Penny on Wednesday and hope you will come join in on our mixology fun! After all, you cannot miss a serving of…

The Countdown continues with Seven Days until Halloween!

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