13 Spooky Music Videos

I love Halloween music, but I really get in the spirit after watching some well-made spooky-themed music videos. The last few years I’ve shared what I found and this year, I couldn’t resist yet again to do the same.

Ready to watch some super spooktacular videos? All you have to do is click the play button to watch the whole playlist.

My Thoughts on the Music Videos

This video needs no introduction. If you grew up watching the Addams Family movie, this song will be easily recognized as the one which plays during the ending credits. Imagine my surprise to discover that there was a music video to go along with it!

The song is not quite Halloweenie at all and contrasts starkly with the video’s content. In the end, it’s worth watching all the way through as the band members are chased by assorted horror creatures.

Perhaps my only repeat from a prior year, but I feel like this song flies under the radar as one of Elvira’s newest, yet probably lesser-known of songs.

The VK kids came back this year with another movie full of catchy songs, perfect for adding to a Halloween playlist. This video most definitely has spooky elements, but my personal favorite from the film is “Chilllin’ Like a Villian“, which is perfect for grooving in the car while getting your “evil” on. 😉

An older video from the now disbanded Pierces, complete with kidnapping, creepy corn maze, dark forest and an abandoned house with ghoulish ladies.

K-pop is always so fun and it’s always interesting to find supernatural elements represented in music videos from other parts of the world. 😉 If you love vampires, this one is definitely going to be up your alley.

Brendon Urie does it again with another creepy video from his “Death of a Bachelor” album, this time heavily influenced by cultish aspects. With how the video progresses, I do ponder if it may, in fact, be a continuation from “Emperor’s New Clothes“. Agree? Oh, I’d love to pick your brain about it!

It is rare to see older videos of famous performers, let alone performances of them having a whole little choreographed ditty with Halloween elements. Louis’s faces of fear are priceless and the dancing skeleton is beautifully executed for such an old video.

This is another video where the song doesn’t really seem like it has a spooky twist to it, but the animation is priceless. Following a girl taking flowers to the grave of her lover, she makes a discovery that brings the Mr. Hyde out in her, really making the song suddenly seem more dark than initially presumed.

I always love the sound of a good swing band. Bonus points for giving their video a very very Halloweenie flair. Can you believe this group is actually center in Thessaloniki, Greece? I have family from Thessaloniki on my dad’s side, so…wow!

Definitely an interesting video that pairs well with it’s song. You might even be able to put it on a Halloween playlist if you saw fit to. I couldn’t find much on the band themselves and since this video’s release in 2014, I couldn’t dig up any other videos from them. 🙁

I know that this band has a more official music video for their original song “Haunt You“, but I just love “Horror Queen”. This particular video is not so much engaging as me wanting to share a great song for you to add to your playlists. Most especially for us curvy girls. 😉 The song takes an unexpected twist so be sure to listen all the way through!

I think I discovered this video by accident. I had wanted to get a little more international with the videos I was finding to share and I thought how perfect this one would be to wrap up the playlist. For those curious about the translation of the song, my husband sums it up as remembering to fully enjoy life and celebrate those who have moved on.

Do you have any spooky-themed music videos you discovered this year?

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  • caffeinatedjoe

    I haven’t come across anything new myself, just been enjoying the posts from the Halloween Countdown participants, like yourself. Most of these here I hadn’t seen before, so thank you for that! 🎃👻🕸👻🎃