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My Closet Full of Halloween

It’s always been a dream of mine to have a spooky themed outfit for each day of October where I was donning the spirit from head to toe.

To be honest, I haven’t yet reached that goal, but I do have quite the collection of Halloween-influenced attire that I’m able to swap around quite efficiently to make it through the season. Come join me on a tour of my ‘weenie wardrobe! All details are following from left to right.

Spooky Shoes

T.U.K. Cat Heels – Amazon.com
I bought these to go with my outfit for Midsummer Scream last year.

Emily the Strange Stitches Kitten Heels – T.U.K. Shoes
I found these when looking for shoes to wear with my Bride of Frankenstein costume. I wear them all the time with Halloween outfits now. But it’s getting close to needing to toss them. 🙁

Night Stalker Bat Pumps – Iron Fist Clothing
I got these for $15 dollars during a PUG sale many many years ago. It’s a shame that the details often aren’t noticed when I wear them, because they really are so cute.

Elvira for Couture Dresses & Costume

Elvira Aziza, Mila & Ivory Gown – Pinup Girl Clothing
I can’t help but continually add from this collection to my closet. These dresses are super flattering and surprisingly comfortable!

Elvira Costume – Found in a costume shop
I’ve done a lot of work to this dress form when I found it and bought it for $25. It had been mislabeled and was sold to me regardless of the higher quality. I’ve added to the dress every year making it a better fit for me and more screen accurate. I wear it almost every year for something, even if it’s not as my Halloween costume, so it made it on the list.

Colorful Halloween Skirts

Halloween Frolic Spellbound Skirt – Kitschy Witch Designs
I’m in love with this skirt by Stephanie Buscema and I’m heavily debating also adding her Sleepy Hollow skirt design to my collection.

Lantern Border Jenny Skirt – Pinup Girl Clothing
I feel like a lucked out getting this skirt this year. I had been eying it since last Halloween, but I didn’t have the money for it. This year, I was more fortunate.

Trick or Treat Print Swing & Pencil Skirts – Vixen x Ben Cooper
My hubby treated me to both of these skirts last year. Both are super flattering skirts I adore.

Bat Box Skirt – Sewn by me
I found a tutorial by Style Sew Me for an adorable box pleat skirt which was really quick and easy, yet also had this perfect vintage look. I used that tutorial to make the first three skirts. The bat swirls fabric is super cute, but isn’t done justice in the photo.

Boo! Box Skirt – Sewn by me
I just loved the playfulness of the “boos” on this fabric and knew I needed it to be a skirt. I also made a headband to match.

Paisley Halloween Box Skirt – Sewn by me
This fabric glows in the dark, but I felt like it needed to be a long skirt for all the details it had.

Faded Spiders Circle Skirt – Sewn by me
This fabric used to have flocked spiders, but for some reason during one of it’s washes, the flocking got ruined and came apart. The outline of the spiders is still visible and it’s hard for me to let it go.

Halloween Dresses from PUG

Pumpkin Border Vera Dress – Pinup Girl Clothing
Another hubby surprise, I had been obsessed with this dress and my sweetheart purchased it as a surprise for me. One of my favorite pieces in my collection for sure.

Lantern Lauren Dress – Pinup Girl Clothing
Again, my hubby buys me a lot of PUG. I was also eying this dress, loved the style, but thought it wouldn’t look great on me. My sweetie bought it around Thanksgiving and I’m always looking for excuses to wear it.

Other Spooky Dresses

Pink Bats ‘n’ Bows Dress – Sewn by me
I made this along with outfits for my daughter and husband to wear at Midsummer Scream. Now we have matching outfits to wear during Halloween time! XD

Over the Garden Wall Dress – Hot Topic
I bought this last year, but couldn’t wear it thanks to my pregnant state. It’s so cute and a perfect ode to one of my favorite Halloweentime shows.

Spider Web Sequin Dress – Spirit Halloween
I couldn’t walk away from this one when I saw it about four years ago. The sequins are super fun, but sometimes, it gets a little itchy.

Halloween Tops

Black Cats & Pumpkins Flutter Top – Sewn by Me
Made for Midsummer Scream 2017, this was designed to be comfortable for my four mont preggers body, but still adorable and flattering. Pattern found from Mimi G. Style.

Venus Fly Trap Vera Top – Pinup Girl Clothing
My mother-in-law gave me a PUG gift certificate one year and of course I used it to stock up on my PUG waredrobe.

Disney Villains Couture Top – Disney Store
I was in love with the Villains Couture line Disney released a few years back and added this super comfy long sleeve shirt to my closet.

Walmart & Target Tees

Haunted Mansion Tee – We Love Fine
I loved the design by Brian Kesinger. This is quite an old shirt.

Mummy Tee – Walmart
Even older is this cute mummy shirt. It even came with a headband with wiggly eyed spiders on springs. My mom bought it for me like…back in high school. Well worn and well loved.

Spiderweb Collar Tee – Walmart
Another old tee that I don’t have the heart to throw away. The spiderwebs are rather faded, but I love it so. I think this was the very first Halloween article of clothing I ever bought.

I’m Here for the Boos Tank – Target
A Target find last year. It’s all about the drinking.

Cheers Witches! Baseball Tee – Target
Same goes for this Target find. Bought the same time as the Here for Boos tank.

Here for the Boos Tee – Target
I found this one two years ago. It’s unfortunate Target’s clothes are so crappy and thin lately because the designs are cute, but the clothes just don’t last in the wash.

If you got it, Haunt it Tank – Target
Found last minute three years ago when a friend shared their find of this shirt on their Instagram. I thought the phrasing was just so cute.

Ghostbusters Outfits

Ghostbusters Romper – We Love Fine
I guess We Love Fine doesn’t exist anymore? I love this romper though. It’s super comfy and I wear it a lot during the Halloween season. I remember it being a bit on the expensive side for me, but it was well worth it.

Ghostbusters ’84 Baseball Button Up – Loot Crate Exclusive
When the new Ghostbusters film was coming out, Loot Crate was having all these Ghostbuster goodies and this Baseball shirt was perfect for layering with the romper.

Funko Ghostbusters Tee – Target
My hubby got this for me after we spied it on a Target shelf.

Ghostbusters 2016 Uniform Tee – Loot Crate Exclusive
Another one of those shirts I got in my loot crate Ghostbusters box.

Respect the Siren Tee – Macy’s
This is just so cute. I love the wording with an image of the newer Excto-1.

Bust Me Tank – ???
I don’t quite remember where I got this one from…Red something? But I thought the No Ghost with the “Bust Me” sign on his back was really cute.

What’s in your Halloween closet?

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