A Toast to the Random

A Toast to 2021!

I am so glad you’re here with me to share a toast to 2021! It seems there is no shortage of people around right now saying, “I’m not actually one to make resolutions”. ..and I’m most certainly one of them. Like my English class writing assignments in high school, I usually tend to miss the mark on what exactly making a new year’s resolution means. Instead, I like to make plans. Because the best thing about making plans is that they can change, and those changes can bring such adventures!

2020 was an adventure all its own. Even putting the pandemic issues aside, my life was quite full in such beautiful and raw extreme ways. I feel so touched by both the good and the bad. It was quite a transformative year for me. With that, I adopted an optimistic outlook (well, even more than I already had) which allowed me to cherish 2020 very much.

I wanted to embrace that energy fully this year, and I felt the best way to kick that off was by bidding aideu to 2020, full of vigor. It certainly wasn’t the worst year for me, but it has rarely made sense to dig my heels into the past either. There are lots of fun memories to reflect on and it’s important to learn from the struggles. Now, in the shadows of 2020, it’s time to pump up my positive energy for the new year.

On New Year’s Eve, I got all dolled up for the countdown at midnight, played a murder mystery and enjoyed some tasty bubbly. Although my whole household was pretty much in bed by the time the clock struck midnight, that doesn’t mean my inspiration followed us.

Looking ahead, I’m thrilled to continue my “Web”sday postings with both old and new features:

  • Arachnid Astrology wraps up in February, ushering in room for new artistic projects.
  • Webdrobe features and reviews will continue by taking you on my journey towards spinning a revamped closet full of cobwebs!
  • Digging into the histories of spider lore, Ovid will be stealing the scene for a very special collection of tales from around the world.

I will be taking a twist on updates with my little Monster and Boo. I can’t wait to share this fun photo project with you every other month especially designed for those who want to keep up with my littles and their adventures.

Things will also be popping up with the Candy Corn Crew, especially during Be Kind to Spiders Week and the Halloween season. Three new capers will be popping up and I’m hoping to make them even more challenging than previous ones.

I also have some fun photo projects I want to throw together with the family, but hey, we’ll see how this all falls into place. Because, well, just look at the next picture…

When I’m going through my planner, I’m definitely making this face more often then not. A little ambitious this year? Sure. More than likely, but it’s a new year so why not have a little fun with it?

What are your hopes for 2021? Anything you’re so excited for, but don’t have anyone to share with? Let me know down in the comments below!

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