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Five Years of Wedded Life

They say time flies when you’re having fun. And as a couple, I like to think my husband and I know how to do just that. We might not make all the fancy parties or turn out to the grand events we planned to attend, but we certainly make the most of what life gives us and make sure we’re both coming out of whatever it may be with genuine smiles.

And trust me when I say, it hasn’t been perfect. We have our disagreements. We both have quirks that make each other batty. We have our rough days unrelated to each other that get misdirected towards each other. We even share tears over losses that hit a little more on the harder side.

And yet, there have been so many blessings in these past five years. They clearly outweigh any minor bumps or potholes that may have come across our path.

We have a beautiful baby girl in whom I see the best of the both of us in.

We have each other to openly confide in about anything and everything and have done so even to this day. Our vaults are full yet always open, even when it comes to sharing the things about each other we might not want to hear.

We have our three adorable pets; two doting cats and an affectionate gecko; that mystify all who make their acquaintance.

We have our loving parents who have supported us unquestioningly in all means, from financial qualms to making us feel like a true part of their families.

We have these five years. They have been filled with a roller coaster of emotions and crammed full of beautiful memories.

There is still no dream of mine I aspire to that I would not imagine without you being a part of.

So let’s put on “Princess and the Frog” and then maybe follow it up with our wedding video and a good bottle of wine as we toast to each other on continual growth in our love.

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