A Toast to the Random

A Toast to 2022!

Every year carries out like a roller coaster ride,
Experiencing new and old as it slides.
2021 was similar ups and downs,
Yet moments of fun still got to abound.
I won’t dwell too much on what has past,
Just a smile and nod as I lift my glass.
I’m happy to be here and pleased you are too,
So let’s start with a “cheers!” to 2022!

A toast to 2022!

As per usual, I’m slowly easing into the new year as my brain is running rampant with plans and ideas to carry out for another year of cobwebed adventures and toast-worthy moments in 2022. There’s so much I want to do, but I’m also trying to kick of this year with more of a realist’s approach instead of getting overly ambitious and then disappointed by my lack of following through with all my inspirations.

A Brief Pour of 2021

2021 was rather kind, but mentally, I was all kinds of emotional. I completed my Arachnid Astrology collection, pulled off an amazing week full of Be Kind to Spiders Week posts, celebrated one year of siblinghood with Little Monster and Lil’ Boo, did a ton of collaborations with fellow spooky content creators and started a podcast! It didn’t feel like I actually did much, but when I look back on it, it’s quite a bit!

The Cocktail Menu for 2022

I still have a craving for more costume creation with a sketchbook full of ideas and plans. In fact, the end of 2021 allowed me to check a longtime cosplay wish off my bucket list! However, this year is the year of getting finances in order. This means that quite a few sewing projects will stay on the backburner unless I inherit a small fortune from some distant great aunt I didn’t know existed.

However, my AMAZING husband gifted me A Bar Above Mixology Certification course. You can bet that means a lot more specialty cocktails are going to be popping up here and with Sips & Spirits. I’m very excited to dive more into mixology and share all the fun creations I have in store for you.

And of course, webdrobe reviews will continue! Those cobweb items don’t find themselves. I will also be adding in some toast-able reviews as well from cocktail mixes to recipe books. I have a few things I’ve discovered that I’m eager to share with you.

Grab Your Glass

I’m looking optimistically at 2022. There are quite a few opportunities heading my way and some fun plans I hope to carry out as long as I can find the time for them. But let’s just enjoy the drink being handed us right now. 🥂

What fun are you looking forward to in 2022?

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  • Gracie

    Thank you for the update! Yes, sometimes it does seem like we’ve hardly done anything at all (then why are we SO tired?!?!), but once you’ve had moment to reflect upon it, we find we were WAY more productive than we thought! Looking forward to (trying!) to be more creative, while also trying to learn to RELAX and try to let things go…in a postiive way! Also looking forward to catching up on your podcast…it’s on the list! HAPPY NEW YEAR! :O)

    • Chelsea

      Thank you! Happy new year to you too! Hope 2022 was kind to you! It’s great to reflect back on each year for that reminder that there IS a reason for our tiredness. XP