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Anniversary Celebration at Trader Vic’s

We celebrated our anniversary at Trader Vic’s last Friday for lunch and boy, did we have a blast!

We had the pleasure of checking out Trader Vic’s last year for brunch in November when we attended their Hawaiian Brunch and Bazaar to support our favorite bar tender, B-Rex selling his wares. I was eight month pregnant at the time, so unable to indulge in their rum-laden concoctions. We did get to enjoy their brunch options (sooooo good! I still dream about that passion fruit butter) and it was very awesome that they had non-alcoholic options on their menu which were just as yummy as if there was alcohol in them.

This trip was exciting because it was our first nice restaurant visit with our baby girl. Since we did brunch last time, we opted for a lunch setting this time around. Since we’re about a 45 minute drive from our home to Trader Vic’s, this seemed like a good time so that we didn’t get stuck in traffic and we could kind of relax without feeling the rush of a Friday dinner scene.

We started out with some tasty tidbits! The crab ragoons were my favorite! But the pork, ribs and panko shrimp were just as delicious. I definitely called dips on the third ragoon though.

And our baby girl was doing just amazing! We kept getting compliments all through lunch from the staff and other restaurant guests.

She bounced back and forth between myself and my husband, but she did not seem to mind at all. She was very curious about what we were eating and did a lot of observing. She loved looking at the location too! Like a true tiki bar, there was decor from the ceiling to the floor. Being an observing baby, she was having a field day looking at everything around us.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

We had such great lighting! We were seated right next to the water with an amazing view. The hostess had said it’s even pretty when the sun is out, but I was very thankful for the cloud cover. That meant I didn’t have to dine with my sunglasses on. Yay for light-colored eyes.

There’s nothing like enjoying clam chowder with a waterscape beside you! Little Celaya Monster agreed.

Our first drink was this amazing punch bowl. A nice light drink with a mix of tropical juices and sparkling wine. I approve. The cutest part was that the swizzle sticks were in the shape of paddles! Adorable!

Because when we were here last time, we had bought a couple of their mugs, but of course, we hadn’t been able to try them. So we tried all the drinks we had mugs of. They were all great, but I loved mine best. It was one of their stronger drinks titled “Suffering Bastard”. You have to be careful because these drinks were so tasty, that I could see how you’d end up “suffering” in the end. XP

I was so pleased that our girl was almost all smiles the entire time!…

…And my boo had a blast being the cause to those smiles. 😀

No tiki drinks for you just yet, baby girl!

The wait staff even brought us an anniversary treat, which was so yummy. I’m not usually a big coconut fan, but their coconut stuff was too good for words! It was roasted with a little bit of crunch, but very sweet in a refreshing way. I would totally order more of their coconut treats in the future to give them a try!

Well, that was our Trader Vic’s adventure! I cannot wait for another opportunity to go back!

Don’t miss out on visiting Trader Vic’s of Emeryville!

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