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Four Years of Wedded Life

I never get tired of thinking about where we’ve been and where we’ll go. Going on nine years of getting to know each other and four years of marriage, we have been through so many adventures and I love that we only continue to plan even more. As it is, we’re on the amazing adventure of parenthood and I couldn’t have picked a better partner to accompany me. Although to be honest, it’s probably more true that you picked me. I’m so happy you found me.

It’s not always perfect, but we always do our best to make the best of what’s happening around us.  I love that even through the trials and adjustments we’ve had to make during the year, we’ve still made many reasons to bring smiles to each other’s faces.

Happy Anniversary, boo. Cheers to four years with the person I want share my wine with.

I’m so excited to go through another year of escapades with you. Let’s do our best to keep it full of smiles and laughter!

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