a toast to 2023
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A Toast to 2023!

Cobwebs and cocktails and many sweet toasts,
2022 was the wildest of hosts.
And so, it is time to raise a glass with me,
to start new with a toast to 2023!

A “Brief” Pour of 2022

Before proposing a toast to 2023, it is always fun to take a look back at what the past year has brought. It is so easy to look at things in just those small moments, that we forget to see the WHOLE picture of everything that went on. This year was full of so many amazing things that I must take the proper moment to applaud them.

There was even more that happened throughout 2022 and I am still trying to play catch-up to share all of those moments on the blog. (You will probably be seeing a lot of back-dated entries for this in January…)

Regrettably, even with the many positives, a small handful of negatives brought so many special moments down. The peskiest one being that ever-constant whisper of not belonging. Amongst the few negatives, this one felt more difficult than usual to shake off.

This could have been that even though the world was slowly opening more, my world still required me to stay home. Or perhaps it was because lack of proximity to others over the age of five made me feel more obviously alone. There’s even the possibility that I was dealing with observer’s envy. Whatever it was, it was flipping annoying. However, I made it through and intend to not let my mind get so hung up on these little snags in 2023.

The Cocktail Menu for 2023

Honestly? It’s still undergoing revisions. Something that should be very exciting happened mid-December. This will more than likely keep us preoccupied for most of January and February. However, I don’t want to say anything just on the slight chance that it will fall through. Regardless, we are excited for all the opportunities it should bring.

Erick and I have actually been spending most of our time plotting out new fun for Sips & Spirits. And so, I haven’t had much of a moment to myself to properly flesh things out for the blog. I have a load of ideas floating around, but nothing really put onto my to-make happen list.

Grab Your Glass

All in all, 2022 wasn’t the struggle for me like it was for so many I knew. And the few struggles that did happen won’t keep me from looking at 2023 as another year full of opportunity. There are already so many things on the horizon of 2023 that are going to be so exciting. I hope this new year looks equally bright for you!

What fun awaits you in 2023?

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  • Gracie

    Thank you so much for the New Year’s best wishes! I’m always amazed at how much you’re able to accomplish with all that you have probably got going on in your life…especially with little ones! I still need to catchup on Sips & Spirits podcasts (New Year’s goal!) I’m look forward to all you have in store for 2023! Thank you again for all that you do…it keeps my little Halloween heart happy!💕

    • Chelsea

      Thank you for always leaving such a heartfelt comment, Gracie! I’m so happy you’re still hanging around. Your comments always bring such joy to my day. Often, I feel like I’m not getting anything accomplished, so thank you so much for that! Take your time catching up on Sips & Spirits. We’re not going anywhere any time soon. We’re having too much fun! Thank you for being here!