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I’m one of those people who really enjoys candy corn. I love the taste in small amounts. I love the look because it’s like the first signs of Halloween approaching. The smell makes me think of the bottom of a treat bucket after a triumphant candy hunt. I even made a Halloween card focused on the traditional Halloween sweet and some spiders whom were obsessed with it. Now I have a social media account just to share the antics of my candy corn thieving spiderlings. Which got me thinking…there has to be other brands and businesses out there that also share their love of the macabre and edible honey, right?

Well, if you’re like me, you’ll be surprised to learn there really aren’t that many out there. In fact, there’s a whole lot of people with “candy corn” in their account name which have absolutely nothing to do with candy corn or Halloween.

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, you might be even more surprised that a small handful of Candy Corn enthusiasts do exist! Keep reading for four brands and businesses I feel capture the essence of my favorite seasonal candy.

The Candy Corn Apocalypse

Horror author and sculptor, Antonio Rapino is the mastermind behind the Candy Corn Apocalypse. I just had to share this aspiring creator and his execution of his Halloween passions! He shares addicting imagery from what such a name might invoke. I recently ordered his book, “Greetings from Moon Hill” and hope to also order his Halloween Club membership pack in the near future. My book should arrive by Thursday and I can’t wait to dive in.

If you’re interested in hearing my thoughts on “Greetings from Moon Hill” when I finish, let me know in the comments below.

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The Candy Corn Cult

An enamel pin & accessories small business I stumbled across that is perfect for the horror film buff. From VHS horror master collection pins to iconic characters, any horror fan will find something to love. Although their stock selection is on the smaller side, there is still a little something for everyone. (I know that I’ve been eyeing the adorable “no feet” enamel pin.)

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Candy Corn for Breakfast

Halloween. Horror. Candy. This horror punk duo like to sing about some of my favorite things! They’ve been around since 2017, but they only just recently stumbled across my radar. The band name is too adorable and makes me think of a kid on the morning after a successful evening of trick or treating. Although not exactly my own personal music tastes, there are plenty of gems to discover on Spotify. I really enjoyed Graveyard Boogie amid some other selections.

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The Candy Corn Crew

I couldn’t help throwing in a shameless plug for my own candy corn obsessed spiders.

These crawling cuties made their debut through my Halloween card exchange two years ago. This year, they’ve gotten a new look and not only grace my blog branding and social media, but will also be showcased in an enamel pin at this year’s Midsummer Scream. You can bet there are a lot more projects on the horizon.

Keep your eyes peeled for a little special something I’ve been working on to debut at the end of this month by following along on Instagram.

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Running a Candy Corn inspired brand myself, I’m always looking for fellow candy corn enthusiasts/eccentrics. Do you know of a Candy Corn inspired creator out there that needs some love?

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